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Finn Mac Cool grumpy cat. (Taken with instagram)

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Enjoy it before it’s deleted!

UPDATE: It’s deleted.

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One of the most heartbreaking 99 percent photos I’ve seen yet.

His sign reads:

“I was deployed to Iraq 4x
1 of my friends is missing his arm.
1 of my friends killed himself.
I’ve been blown up 2x by roadside bombs.
Hearing fireworks makes me nervous.
I can’t sleep at night.

All so bankers and war profiteers could get richer.

I am the 99%“ 

Nearly every active duty military member is in the 99 percent. End the war profiteering and bring them home.

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Leonard Nimoy says good-bye at his final Star Trek convention appearance.

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Leonard Nimoy I love this guy!

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Brent Spiner does a fantastic (and hilarious) Patrick Stewart impression.  When asked if he’d ever done it for Sir Patrick, he said “Yes and he didn’t love it”.

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"Leonard Nimoy is to Star Trek as William Shatner is to"

-J.J Abrams

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Jonathan Frakes has a wicked sense of humor, was extremely friendly to everyone and really seemed to enjoy interacting with the fans.

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